What am I going to do? I can't close my fly.

All of sudden all the lights went out.

You don't like Chinese cooking?

I'm focusing on my French.

Rolfe isn't listed in the phone book.

This is the house I grew up in.

I was able to obtain a personally signed ball.

I like eating durian.


See to it that such a thing does not happen again.


I have been playing the piano since I was fifteen.

Let's help him.

Avery is going to call the police.

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I do not get up early.

I don't need an interpreter.

Whales can remain submerged for a long time.

Scottish recipe for tomato soup: Pour hot water into a red cup.

Is this spinach?

What happened to the others?

I think he's interested in you.

He grabbed the rope and was saved.

Who is confused?

I need soldiers for a mission.

Earle and I bought that house on Park Street.

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You don't know what Bill is capable of.

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That'll be a lot of fun.


I'm assuming you haven't talked to Brendan yet.

My cat only eats wet food.

We'll do better.

He told me an interesting story.

That's what happened to them.


Ram felt a tad awkward around Stacey.


Do you want to be with me or not?

I will not come tomorrow.

I felt good.


I've never been to Spain. However, I have been in Italy.


Jeanette is busy right now and he can't help you.

I saw you at the flower shop.

Why did you ask me?


Geoffrey quickly got out of the car.

Hierarchy is against equality.

She has absolutely no enemies.

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I don't have the number.


I didn't expect it.

The playwright cherishes the vivid memories of his childhood.

I can do it with one hand.


We'll try to find out why Lynnette did it that way.

Archie Jackson is one of the richest men in Boston.

As an overweight woman, Martin has experienced many incidents of people judging her based on her size.

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Alain works at a winery.

I am not as fast as you.

We'll try to be there early.

How's the breakfast at McDonald's?

No, you are not crazy.

He's very likely to come.

Why doesn't he tell them?

This has been the driest six months in thirty years.

This book is worthy of attention.

Del doesn't remember his grandfather.

Are you there, Ernst?


I heard you and Isidore fighting.


My father couldn't afford a car, when he was young.

Let me have a minute with him.

It was an honor.

The plan has been agreed to in advance.

I'd rather not waste my time trying to learn a language that I don't need to know.


We care for Shutoku as much as you do.

He came to listen to jazz.

Manolis is one of my good friends.


No man is an island.

I'm a vegetarian who eats a ton of meat.

Raymond went into the building.

Where's the new girl?

I knew her personally.

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He was a wonderful man, that uncle of yours.

You're not going to find Justin.

This problem is hard to solve.

It's too bad you can't come with us today.

She is as tall as her mother.

They're disappointed in their son.

The only one who knows how to do that is Ariel.

I have nightmares.

Nobody can know this very well.

That wasn't the way it was.

I thought that book was difficult to read.


It's not going to be as hard to do as you think it'll be.

You dead.

How long ago was it?

Masanobu was pretty scared.

She drinks only water.


We were young.

My mother put clean sheets on my bed.

Sassan has cut his finger.

You're playing with fire.

It's cold there even in the summer.

They are eating their apples.

Get your facts right.


Does he think he's funny?

They passed time by playing cards.

He's my husband's dad. He's my father-in-law.

Kuldip worked around the clock.

Murph just didn't like it.


The mayor provided me with an identity card.

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I was obliged to go out yesterday.


Were you with her that evening?

Is eating raw eggs safe?

They borrow magazines from Taninna.

Gregge hasn't painted the fence yet.

You should keep your windshield clean.

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Something's going on here.

Iberism is a movement that supports the unification of the Iberian peoples and its nations such as Catalonia, Castile, Portugal, Galicia, Basque Country, Andalusia...

Charles didn't tell me he was married.

She liked it.

You should be very happy.


I think you should ask them.


Are you afraid of that?

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What is the most powerful sentence in the world?

Cristopher is a waitress.

I've been hunting with them.

Tell Teresa I don't want to go.

At the Battle of Verdun, French forces stopped a German attack.


Mind the step!

I don't think anybody has ever done such a thing before.

I've written to her.

What kind of person hates cats and candy floss?!

My speakers are kid toys compared to yours.


He can't swim.


Bill's not as bad as you think.


Do you really want Hui to do this for you?


Someone is standing at the gate.

Do you believe in the sixth sense?

This is what Sharon does for a living.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to be here.

Les might be able to tell us what we want to know.

The government should strengthen their army once and for all!

We must escape from this place.

He's playing with my cat.

Let's make a new playlist.

Mitchell seems to be calm.

The German State Library is one of the biggest libraries of Europe.

The policemen arrested the burglar.

Huashi wasn't at school today.

Rainer doesn't play golf so much anymore.

I needn't have bought that suit for the wedding, because Narendra's got a spare one in my size.

I've got a lot of questions I need to ask you.

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Where did you fry them?


I understand you have some questions.


I always listen to anything Kyung has to say.

Take them for a swim.

I think you should go to college.

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Don't pick up the cat.


To talk about love is to make love.

I told them to wear ties.

I was taken to a circus for the first time.

Next year she will be 17.

She went out with her friends.

Brenda sketched a picture of an elephant for Teri.

You're asking for too much.

Jon dabbled in cocaine in his youth.

It's so racist.