He resolved to turn over a new leaf.

I study at the university.

He spends too much money.

She always carries a Bible.

They work together very well.

I still haven't finished.

Protecting her is my responsibility.

There's no one to look after her.


Saumya stabbed me.

This is the first time I've ever coughed this much.

He was slow in putting his idea into practice.

Has anyone gone through this stuff yet?

This country remains the land of the free because there are so many brave to fight for it.

Never mind!

Tarmi guessed Jock's weight.

Do you prefer cute guys or guys who have class?

Let's be careful about men.

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Nobody has a landline these days.

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Knute is back there.

I'll bring you something to eat.

The soldiers are dead.


I say it's worth the risk.

A good idea came to me while taking a bath.

Stay out of Santa's room.

He had more than enough money.

It's time for you to go to sleep.

Racial problems are often the cause of social unrest.

He dictated several letters to his secretary.

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My little sister goes to nursery school.


Harry is the tallest boy in his football team.

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The important thing is to call the police at once.


It is said that the taste of love is bitter.

We suffered heavy damage from the typhoon.

Hirotoshi fell for the oldest trick in the book.

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Put some iodine on this cut.

Jarmo gave Ethan a thumbs up.

Let's compare the two.

Bob has lost a lot of hair since the last time I saw him.

Stop maize monoculture, and reestablish multiple cropping, to combat the loss of landscape and soil diversity.

Don't let them escape!

She made jam from the apples.


I just saw a shooting star.

If you worry too much, you'll go bald.

In my next life I want to be born as a deadly virus.

A horrible suspicion wandered around in my brain.

What a big house you have!

I was happy here until you broke my heart.

The men's room is on the second floor.


You should talk to the teacher yourself.

Civilization has flourished for hundreds of years in this hidden land.

When I die, let me be buried in my beloved Ukraine, my tomb upon a grave-mound high, amid the wide-spread plain.


We have no way of getting home.

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They insisted on my making use of this opportunity.

There was no cat.

I'm afraid Manny will say no.

Laura is the only one here who can speak French.

What are you crunching on?

What do you think of your gay friend?

We plan to invite both Ramiro and Christophe.

Tell Alberto that I'm not at home.

This laptop computer is very thin.

Surely the most curious of sources consulted is Mankind Quarterly.

Sometimes those photos are not very good.

My hovercraft is full of eels, and there's a bit of chewing gum stuck to my keyboard.

When we started out, there were things we didn't know.


Let's meet them at the station.

I tried to ask her a riddle.

He kept silent during the meeting.

If I were you I would schedule a meeting with your language teacher.

She works in an Oxfam shop.

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What should I do if my wife snores?

Websites collect information about you.

We must cling to our faith.

Take away.

What do you think they'll do this afternoon?

You must hold up your hands.

I was so happy back then.


Where's the oar?


Dalton read novels.

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Trent talked too much and let the secret slip.

Jess is supposedly healthy.

Blayne crawled through the window.

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I tend to agree with her.

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I'd never betray her.


He was arrested for abusing public funds.


He didn't dare say anything.


Eduardo spoke in a loud whisper.

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I find her appearance attractive.

Could you tell me how to adjust the volume?

I have no sense of direction so I always travel with a compass.

He is very meticulous in his work.

I'll agree to that.

There are twenty seven pupils in my class.

She's not the woman she was before she got married.

Do you work here?

I looked at the picture.


I had to respect Charlene's wishes.

On his way home, Robbin met a man who he thought was an American.

I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't have enlisted in the army.

Japan has been received into the family of free nations.

He picked up his toys.


It went downhill.

I got the autograph of a celebrity.

For goodness sake.

The wedding ceremony was shorter than Raj expected it to be.

You've obviously matured.


I don't even know Penny.

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Can we change history?

You have no idea how much that means to me.

The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.

The typhoon did a lot of damage to the crops.

It was the Pan Am flight.

There are all kinds of flowers in that garden.

She asked us to dinner.


They are both very excited.

Why didn't you call me up?

Why did I accept to write this letter?

I think you've got me confused with somebody else.

I want to do that just as badly as you do.

No one ever notices second place. Either you're a winner or you're nobody.

Can't we wait a little bit longer?

I heard John speak to Mr Brown.

The amoeba is a protozoan.

Christopher and Jerrie watched John go out the door.

The more I advise the young people, the less they oppose me.

Lewis and Clark kept very careful records.

We have already finished our dinner.

Would you like to start?

Amy made an effort to stand up.

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They're coming for me.


Experts have failed to come up with an explanation of why the explosion happened.


You will live longer if you don't smoke.

Coleen came very near being hit by a car.

I'll see you later tonight.

I miss that place.

I visited Fukuoka ten years ago.

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Are we safe?

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There's only one way to find out.

What Toerless did took courage.

We don't intend to give in.


Museum officials think that ETA wanted more Basque art in the museum.


Have you seen him anywhere?


Either he is wrong or I am.


That must be the city hall.

It breaks my heart!

Japan is bounded by water on every side.

Robert pretended not to be hurt.

You shouldn't go around telling lies about people.


You're not giving me much choice.

Every of us has his own unique identity.

When did Donovan pass away?


That box is made of wood.

Olivier has done some time.

Ole asked me if he could kiss me.

I think I'll give it a miss.

How did you find it?


Excuse me. May I get by?

I don't actually have any money.

He's eligible for the presidency.